The Little Red Fish @ The Lion Theater

Apparently I am really bad at this digital presence thing, but we are gonna be better. We are going to post more of what is going on. People are going to be in the know! FOR INSTANCE:

Do you have young children? Do they like puppets? Do you live in or nearby NYC? Well COME ON DOWN and check out New York City Children's Theater and Puppet Kitchen's Little Red Fish at the Lion's Theater on 42nd St.

It's cute! It runs Saturdays and Sundays through April at 11am and 2pm. Come see me play some fish, and a very spirited dancing flamingo and if you love it... go and buy the children's book by Taeeun Yoo that the show is inspired by. It is exceptionally beautiful. 

2017, Already? Definitely.

For the past year and change I have been working along with Wakka Wakka on the upcoming Made in China, a new musical that is heading Off-Broadway in just a few short months. The show explores Chinese and American relations with puppets, original music, and a good dose of the surreal.

You can buy tickets now! The show runs from Jan 11th - Feb 19th!

Also March of 2017 I will be directing my first show in NYC! The company I co-founded with Rachel Schapira and Ashur Rayis, Eat Drink Tell Your Friends will be premiering its first hour-long puppet show, Photo & Supply, as part of The Tank's flagship theater series: Flint & Tinder! 

The show will be running at The Tank from March 16th - April 2nd. Ticket information coming soon!

This Weekend! Puppets and Games!


There will be some sweet puppetry going on at HereArts in SoHo ( I will have the pleasure of performing alongside some folks at Puppet Parlor. It is this Friday @ 7 and 10:30pm AND Saturday @ 7pm!  Tickets are $20. BUY THEM BEFORE THEY SELL OUT!

photo from Man-Killers of India

photo from Man-Killers of India


The newest WadjetEye game I recorded back in September was released yesterday to some stellar reviews!  SHARDLIGHT is a post-apocalyptic point & click adventure game that follows "Amy Wellard, a young woman reluctantly working for the government to qualify for the vaccine lottery, [who] believes there's a cure – and she's going to find it. Even if it costs her life."

Check the trailer here!

You can find me around the game world as Denby. Here's a screenshot:

BUY THE GAME! You can check it out at the humble bundle store or on steam. It is currently only on PC, but I assume it will eventually be ported to Mac and beyond!