Wakka Wakka Festivals!

My bags are packed and I am ready to be shot 30,000 feet into the air until I land in Oslo, Norway with the rest of the cast and crew from Wakka Wakka's Made in China.


We are playing two festivals this go around. Starting off in Oslo as part of the first ever Go Figure Festival. June 8th and 9th we will be at the Oslo Nye Trikkestallen performing with the ever-excellent MiN Ensemblet.  Buy tickets here! Obviously you CAN buy them if you don't live in Oslo, but it isn't recommended, but it is encouraged, but not enthusiastically, but still you can if you'd like (I can mock up some cardboard cut-out friends to take your spot).

After that we zip down to Porsgrunn for their International Theater Festival. It's a really rad festival that I had the opportunity to play at several years ago. The porcelain capital of Norway! Made in China will be bringing down whatever house it is we are playing on the 12th, 13th, and 14th. Pick up yr tix here!


To Norway! Wakka-ho!