Object Movement Festival!!


I am performing and directing in two different pieces at the first annual Object Movement Festival, which is on the corner of 86th and Amsterdam.

Tickets are available here for Program A & for Program B - the dates are May 25th-30th

Tickets are $15 for a full night from wacky workshops to practically full-blown pieces that all include elements of puppetry. Each program has three or more shows that vary in length, style, and tone. It's a steal.

First in PROGRAM A,  I am DIRECTING teacups created by the amazing Dorothy James.

teacups is a puppet theater piece inspired by a Czech folktale. The Keeper is a sinister water demon who overturns boats and drowns their passengers, forcing their stolen souls into teacups which he hoards in his lair. Our story centers on a soul that manages to escape the Keeper’s possession and find its way into the hands of an unsuspecting junk collector, an amiable swamp creature who does his best to help the soul without fully understanding its identity or its situation. teacups is an exploration of depression and how it manifests itself inside those who live with it.


You may be asking yourself, "Self, how can I help?" Giving to our Indiegogo Campaign will help make teacups happen, and make it even better! There are some pretty sweet rewards, including puppetry lessons and pie.

Also as part of PROGRAM B, I will be donning my p-antsuit for Shayna Strype's Antrak:

When chaos strikes, one ant embarks on a mission to investigate a menacing colony of humans. Based on interviews conducted on a cross-country train trip, Antrak uses documentary footage, live feed projections, handmade miniatures, crankie machines, and giant cardboard objects to explore humanity through an ant-sized lens.

You can also see shows by more amazing artists: Andrea Ang, Sam Jay Gold, Kate Brehm, Little Did Productions, and Leah Ogawa & Sarah Plotkin!