Happened and Happening

It's been awhile since my last update - feels a little bit like stepping into a confessional. Sorry Father I haven't called in awhile because international phone plans are full of hidden charges!

Since we last spoke: I've returned from the Arctic, performed Stravinsky's Petrushka in London with Giants Are Small and the New York Philharmonic, toured southern Germany with The Pigeoning, and added my voice to Telltale Games' and HBO's Game of Thrones video game.

Coming up: I will be headed off to Maine for the 2nd week of June with Lone Wolf Tribe to work on their new show BULLHEAD.  I will also be working with Amy Rush's Depict-o-Mat later in June - which is a personalized performance (imagine a photobooth puppet show).

Later on this year: I will be flying to Minnesota to preen with The Pigeoning and then straight back to the Arctic to finish a development cycle for Wakka Wakka's new show Made In China.



The Cast and Crew of  Petrushka  at The Barbican in London

The Cast and Crew of Petrushka at The Barbican in London

Something something something - puppets in Germany

Something something something - puppets in Germany