2017, Already? Definitely.

For the past year and change I have been working along with Wakka Wakka on the upcoming Made in China, a new musical that is heading Off-Broadway in just a few short months. The show explores Chinese and American relations with puppets, original music, and a good dose of the surreal.

You can buy tickets now! The show runs from Jan 11th - Feb 19th!

Also March of 2017 I will be directing my first show in NYC! The company I co-founded with Rachel Schapira and Ashur Rayis, Eat Drink Tell Your Friends will be premiering its first hour-long puppet show, Photo & Supply, as part of The Tank's flagship theater series: Flint & Tinder! 

The show will be running at The Tank from March 16th - April 2nd. Ticket information coming soon!

This Weekend! Puppets and Games!


There will be some sweet puppetry going on at HereArts in SoHo (here.org). I will have the pleasure of performing alongside some folks at Puppet Parlor. It is this Friday @ 7 and 10:30pm AND Saturday @ 7pm!  Tickets are $20. BUY THEM BEFORE THEY SELL OUT!

 photo from Man-Killers of India

photo from Man-Killers of India


The newest WadjetEye game I recorded back in September was released yesterday to some stellar reviews!  SHARDLIGHT is a post-apocalyptic point & click adventure game that follows "Amy Wellard, a young woman reluctantly working for the government to qualify for the vaccine lottery, [who] believes there's a cure – and she's going to find it. Even if it costs her life."

Check the trailer here!

You can find me around the game world as Denby. Here's a screenshot:

BUY THE GAME! You can check it out at the humble bundle store or on steam. It is currently only on PC, but I assume it will eventually be ported to Mac and beyond!

Happened and Happening

It's been awhile since my last update - feels a little bit like stepping into a confessional. Sorry Father I haven't called in awhile because international phone plans are full of hidden charges!

Since we last spoke: I've returned from the Arctic, performed Stravinsky's Petrushka in London with Giants Are Small and the New York Philharmonic, toured southern Germany with The Pigeoning, and added my voice to Telltale Games' and HBO's Game of Thrones video game.

Coming up: I will be headed off to Maine for the 2nd week of June with Lone Wolf Tribe to work on their new show BULLHEAD.  I will also be working with Amy Rush's Depict-o-Mat later in June - which is a personalized performance (imagine a photobooth puppet show).

Later on this year: I will be flying to Minnesota to preen with The Pigeoning and then straight back to the Arctic to finish a development cycle for Wakka Wakka's new show Made In China.



 The Cast and Crew of  Petrushka  at The Barbican in London

The Cast and Crew of Petrushka at The Barbican in London

 Something something something - puppets in Germany

Something something something - puppets in Germany

Closer to Santa Than You Are, Presently

I am in a special little fishing village called Stamsund. It is in Norway. It is in the arctic circle, yes, AND it is also a HUB for theater. It has more than three theaters, including a dedicated puppet theater that I am working at currently. Not bad for a population of < 1,500 people.

 yeah... way up there.

yeah... way up there.

The folks at Wakka Wakka are building a new show! I am throwing around ideas with them and hanging with beautiful kids and trying to acclimate to only having five hours of daylight. Here's hoping for some Northern Lights action while I am here; PEW PEW - greens and pinks and the dancing sky.

NEW YORK - I will see you soon.

Happy News Year

This past week has been nutso - we worked our butts off to remount Baby Universe: A Puppet Odyssey at the Beckett Theater in NYC.  That link will give you more info AND lead you to TIX.

The show runs for the rest of the week so if you have any interest in Science Fiction or puppets or both you really ought to check it out!

For the lazy: Jan. 9th @ 7pm & 9:30pm, Jan. 10th @ 2pm, 5pm, & 8pm, Jan 11th @ 2pm & 5pm!



I am thrilled to announce that I will be performing in the show POWERHOUSE from the 18th to the 23rd of this month at the New Ohio Theater. It has an amazing ensemble, puppets, and uh, do you need more? The story revolves around Raymond Scott, one of the big swing composers of the 30's and a pioneer of electronic music, his life and relationships and, of course, his music that gets purchased by a group of animators to be used in their cartoons.

Get out the trailer below, really! And buy tickets HERE!

October Happenings

We made it. Finally we can have our pumpkin spiced-everything, apple orchard visits, and a slight shift in our complaints about the weather.

 Frank wants to know what's going on this month.

Frank wants to know what's going on this month.

This month I am departing with the talented Robin Frohardt and Co. to Turkey and Greece.  We are taking Frank, the 80's safety officer, and some dastardly pigeons overseas to perform The Pigeoning. 

Upcoming Releases

This month has a few voice over releases that I am very excited about. Firstly the podcast, Damocles Clash: Intergalactic Repo Man will be releasing it's 2nd episode (perhaps even the 3rd).  You can download it directly from itunes for free!


I worked on my first video game! I WORKED ON MY FIRST- Ahem. I'm very excited for the release of A Golden Wake on October 9th. I voice four characters in the game. Did I mention it was MY FIRST VIDEO G- Right. Definitely make sure to check it out if you're a fan of point & click adventure games. I've already pre-ordered a copy for myself.

 One of the characters I voice in A Golden Wake! Don't listen to this guy and buy the game!

One of the characters I voice in A Golden Wake! Don't listen to this guy and buy the game!

September Happenings

Puppetry Overseas

This month I pack my bags and head with Wakka Wakka to perform Saga in Slovenia on the 13th and Croatia on the 16th.

I will be sure to try and visit some old castles and some beautiful beaches. My old DSLR will take the journey with me. DIGI-TOUR'D.

Science Fiction Podcast!

DAMOCLES CLASH: INTERGALACTIC REPO MAN is gearing up to release it's first episode and is promoting it by having a LIVE SHOW on the 20th at 5pm! Come enjoy a drink or two and some sci-fi comedy. It's happening in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn at The Way Station. It is currently 'sold out' but definitely come by, anyway.