Lectures on the Physics of reversibility

Planning on having its premiere in early 2021, Lectures on the Physics of Reversibility is a surreal exploration of how we attempt to deal with trauma. The new show from company Eat Drink Tell Your Friends uses a multitude of puppetry styles including shadow, and tabletop, as well as masks, and stop-motion animation. The story concerns a girl who has decided to hide her heart in a comet, a carousel horse-maker stuck in time, and a physics lecturer who is a bridge for both worlds. Both literally and metaphorically, it is a show about hiding your heart.

Lectures had its first workshop and showing at St. Ann’s Warehouse as a part of 2018’s Labapalooza. Since then, the show has received funding from The Henson Foundation and recently completed a residency at DE-CONSTRUKT in Redhook, Brooklyn.