Bill’s 44th

It’s Bill’s 44th birthday today! Well, actually it was on Tuesday, but parties are best reserved for weekends, right? Bill certainly hopes so.  After all, he sprung for the larger party platter from his local grocery store. Not to mention all the balloons, special napkins, disposable plates, utensils, and party hats he managed to acquire. The oven is preheated; the table is set.; the ‘No Shoes’ Policy has been temporarily waived – now all there is for Bill to do is to await the arrival of his guests. 

Bill’s 44th is a show that examines the loneliness of one man who is puppeteered by two people. He throws himself a party which isn’t well attended – he attempts to cheer himself up by creating some friends out of crudite and party balloons. Against all odds he succeeds and finds himself having a grand old time, but when a “real” guest arrives a wave of shame comes over him and he quickly destroys his newly created friends.

The show has had two workshop showings at Dixon Place in NYC and hopes to have its premiere in 2020.